Case Study With Teeshoppen

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Tell us about Teeshoppen

At Teeshoppen, we sell basic clothes of high quality for prices that all students can afford. Our goal is to make the State Education Funds last longer for students, so we’re not really a fashion company.

Our target group is very broad. We have clothes for 5 year-olds, and on the other hand, we just sold 1000 t-shirts to the Danish Home Guard. Our concept is built around package deals, which means that it can’t really pay off to buy just one t-shirt, but it is always cheaper to buy more. We have 101 days return policy on all of our products – our customer satisfaction is very important to us.

We are three people in total, working from 8am – 9pm every day. We work when everyone else is off. Our customer service is open till 9pm, so people can call us after they’ve gotten off work, when it suits them best.

We have around 65,000 monthly sessions on our website.


The cool thing about Sleeknote, is that you can use it for pretty much anything!

Benjamin Philip

Owner and Founder, Teeshoppen

Why did you choose Sleeknote?

Sleeknote is simply the best. We researched the different options on Google, and Sleeknote just appealed to us. A colleague of mine had also followed Mogens Møller (CEO of Sleeknote), and knew that Mogens really knows what he’s doing. So it was in fact Mogens’ personal brand that made the decision for us. He is a quality stamp for Sleeknote.

We have later discovered how user friendly the product is, and that your customer service is great.

How was the implementation of Sleeknote?

It was really easy, because Sleeknote did it for us. We wanted to get started quickly, and Sleeknote offered to do the implementation for us, so we gladly accepted that offer.

What do you use Sleeknote for today?

It depends on what mood we’re in. By that I mean, if we’re aggressive in our sales methods, we might make a more aggressive popup, to make sure that our visitors don’t miss our offer. An example could be to inform our visitors that it is much cheaper to buy more tees.

Here’s an example from their website showing that it is much cheaper to buy more tees:


Other times, we use it to generate leads, through competitions for example. We usually don’t use these at the same time as a popup with sales, or discounts.

We also have specific sleeknotes for specific pages on our site. These work as a service to our visitors. We use them to ask if they need help, or if they have any questions regarding a specific product.

So basically, we use Sleeknote to collect emails, and to provide good customer service. The cool thing about Sleeknote, is that you can use it for pretty much anything – The only limit is your imagination.

What is your favorite Sleeknote feature?

I think it’s really cool that you can decide how many times a visitor should see your Sleeknote. Also, the integration with MailChimp is really awesome, because you don’t need to be an IT expert to make it work.

I often use my iPad or phone to set up new Sleeknotes, and that works really well too.

Another great feature is the option to activate a sleeknote at a specific time and date. We try to segment as much as possible with Sleeknote, and if we for example run a campaign with free shipping on one specific day, we can create different sleeknotes depending on the time of day. So from 7am-10am, we have a Sleeknote with the text: “Goodmorning. If you shop before 12pm today, you get free shipping”. From 12pm-6pm: “Hey, hope you’re having a great day. Today we’ll pay for your shipping”. Then at night, we have one saying: “Good evening night owls – shop before everyone else, and get free shipping (the offer is valid until 7am)”.

This way we make our sleeknotes much more personal, and it doesn’t really take much extra time to set it up like this.

What are your results with Sleeknote?

When we do a campaign with Sleeknote and have a package offer, we increase our sales by around 300% compared to the days where we don’t have the sleeknote activated.

We don’t use sleeknotes every day, but when we do, we usually create popups with products that are very basic and versatile, and that can be used by a wide array of people. This way we don’t scare away any of our visitors. When we run these campaigns we can see the effect of the Sleeknotes instantly.

Here is an example of a sleeknote from their website, asking people to sign up for the newsletter.

I can’t believe nobody has made this product much sooner! It is so versatile and can be used by any business, big or small.

Benjamin Philip

Owner and Founder, Teeshoppen

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you think about Sleeknote?

I can’t believe nobody has made this product much sooner! It is so versatile and can be used by any business, big or small.

What advice do you have for those who consider using Sleeknote?

Time is money – and with Sleeknote you save a lot of time versus ROI.

How has the collaboration with Sleeknote been?

Sleeknote has an amazing customer support team, and they answer your emails quickly.
Additionally, I really like your dashboard, where you sometimes ask your customers if they want to schedule a Skype meeting where they can have all their questions answered. It’s a really cool thing that gives the last push in the right direction if you don’t really understand how everything works.

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

When Teeshoppen use a sleeknote to promote a campaign, they increase their sales by around 300% compared to the days where they don’t have the Sleeknote activated.

Do you need a tool to increase your sales? Do like Teeshoppen, and sign up for your 7 days free trial today.

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