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Tell us about WeMarket

I founded WeMarket in 2013 in Ikast, and today we have 6 full time employees + a few part-time student assistants.

We are a digital marketing bureau who does all kinds of online marketing for our customers, except website programming. Our promise to our customers is that we always deliver the best service, a positive impact, and a long-term focus.

Our ambition is that none of our competitors must know more than us about marketing and at the same time we want the lowest prices. That’s what makes WeMarket unique.


When we get a new customer, we often implement Sleeknote as one of the first things in order to get more subscribers to their newsletter.

Thomas Haurum

Founder, WeMarket

As a digital marketing bureau, what are your thoughts about email marketing?

Email works well for almost everyone. If it doesn’t work it’s because the design and message in your newsletter aren’t good enough. Our experience is that email as a platform works very well, and that’s why it’s important to get a large and relevant database of subscribers you can send your mail to.

When we get a new customer, we often implement Sleeknote as one of the first things in order to get more subscribers to their newsletter.

Why did you choose Sleeknote?

Basically, we needed a tool to generate leads and signups for our newsletter. We were looking for a user-friendly tool that everyone at our office was able to manage. This is very important as everyone at our office needs to be able to change the popups right away if our customers ask us to do that – That’s part of our service.

We tested a few other lead generation tools, but none of the other tools were as user friendly as Sleeknote. Even though some of your competitors have lower prices, we would lose money by using them because we would need to spend much more time on managing the popups, and that’s why we chose Sleeknote.

Since then you’ve added a lot of features and delivered fantastic service, so we are very satisfied with our choice.

What do you use Sleeknote for today?

We use Sleeknote to get signups for our newsletter and to generate leads.

We use exit-intent to generate email signups. When they have signed up, they automatically enter an email flow that sends tips and tricks in a very personalized style.

Here’s the exit-intent sleeknote:

We have also had another sleeknote on WeMarket telling our customers to sign up and get a free written examination of their company. We actually had to disable that sleeknote because it generated more leads than we were able to handle.

Obviously, the leads we got weren’t as good as those who call us directly, but it’s a good way to get leads from those who just visit our website. We’ve done A/B split testing of our sleeknotes, and we clearly see that social proof works brilliantly, and that is probably why the sleeknote performed so well.

This is the sleeknote popup WeMarket had to disable because they got too many leads. It says: More than 100 customers can’t be wrong! – Sign up below and get a free written marketing examination of your business.

If we disable Sleeknote we get 2-5% fewer leads each day, than we do with Sleeknote activated – And that’s the same for our customers.

Thomas Haurum

Founder, WeMarket

What is your favorite Sleeknote function or option?

That you’re able to customize your sleeknotes just the way you want it. We have a wide range of customers and it is a major advantage that we can create completely different sleeknotes. Ultimately, you have a sleeknote tailored to each site with a specific purpose.

Another feature I appreciate is the exclude/include URL function. As an example, it wouldn’t make any sense if the visitors from our facebook gets a popup saying “Follow us on Facebook”.

What are your results with Sleeknote?

If we disable Sleeknote we get 2-5% fewer leads each day, than we do with Sleeknote activated – And that’s the same for our customers.

An interesting fact is that we end up with a sale to a lot of the leads who sign up via Sleeknote, so it gives a high number of qualified leads.

Describe Sleeknote with your own words.

Sleeknote is very user friendly. It has a broad appeal, which means that it is a great tool for all businesses no matter the size or level of ambition. You simply adjust your sleeknotes to your specific needs and requirements. Even a small business with limited IT skills could easily implement Sleeknote, which they wouldn’t be able to with a WordPress plugin for example.

What advice would you give me, if I were to try Sleeknote?

The most important thing is to set up your sleeknote and give it a fair chance. Each day, around 97% of your visitors leave your site without leaving a trace. If you use Google AdWords for example, you have already paid for the click – so why not try to convert your visitors into leads? Sleeknote enhances the effect of your other marketing channels.

How has the collaboration with Sleeknote been?

Whenever I contact you, I get the feeling that you are ready to help me. You have short response time and outstanding service.

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

WeMarket needed a user friendly lead generation tool that makes them available to react quickly whenever their customers call and want changes. Besides this, they also use Sleeknote on their own homepage to generate leads. They even had to disable one of their sleeknotes for a while, because it gave more leads than they were able to handle.

Do you want to see what Sleeknote can do for your business? Do like WeMarket, and sign up for a 7-days free trial today.

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