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About Bonnier

Bonnier is a media group working in TV, daily newspapers, business and trade press, magazines, books and much more. They have been publishing media products since its start in 1804. Some of their most well-known media products are C More, MTV, Expressen and National Geographic.

Today, Bonnier has operations in 14 countries around the world with more than 350 brands and over 8,000 employees. The company is wholly owned by the Bonnier family with around 75 family members who has been running it for seven generations.


What do they use Sleeknote for?

With more than 350 brands and approximately the same amount of websites, Bonnier use Sleeknote for various purposes. One of the things they primarily use sleeknote for is to get people to subscribe to their magazines, by offering a discount and a free gift.

Take a look at this example from the Norwegian health and fashion magazine “Tara”.

As Bonnier publish different kind of media products they’re able to promote their products across multiple websites. That’s exactly what they’ve done in the next example.

Recently, Bonnier published a new book about healthiness. They also publish a monthly magazine called “liv” (Life) which also is about healthiness – So they have created a Sleeknote on the website for Liv, with a Sleeknote offering their new book.

See the sleeknote here:

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

Bonnier primarily use Sleeknote to promote magazines and products. They benefit from having a huge number of sites and brands which make them able to promote across different sites with Sleeknote.

Do you need a tool to promote your products on your website? Do like Bonnier and sign up for your 7 days free trial today.

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