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Tell us about is the everything-store for all Danish ski enthusiasts. They search for ski travels from more than 50 travel agencies and besides that, they have the largest ecommerce site with ski equipment in Denmark. The page is visited by more than 30.000 people a day and they won the E-handelsprisen (E-trade prize, red.) for best E-service back in 2003.

The site opened in 1997 and has been selling equipment since 2002. In 2008 a Swedish version was launched where Sleeknote is also used.


To us it’s a matter of features and price – and the integration with MailChimp did the trick for us. It saves us a lot of manual work.

Rasmus Skov


Why did you choose to use Sleeknote, and what do you use it for today?

We use Sleeknote for collecting leads to our newsletter, moving traffic around the site and making the visitors focus on an individual page – as an example; we have a Sleeknote on the ski section. It pops up with a picture of me and a pair of skis telling the visitor that if they need help, we are here. From there, there is a link to a contact page, where they have to fill in their height, weight, ski experience and so forth, and we will help them choose the right pair of skis.

Summing up, we collect leads, but we also make our visitors aware of our different services.

This is the “need help” Sleeknote on

skisport - slidein example

Summing up, we collect leads, but we are also making visitors aware of our different services.

Rasmus Skov


What results have you achieved?

The primary thing we have achieved is to integrate the whole thing with MailChimp, and that is the one thing, that has helped us the most. We have had other similar services and software before, and we have tried building our own, but to us it’s a matter of features and price – and the integration with MailChimp did the trick for us. It saves us a lot of manual work.

Describe Sleeknote with one sentence

It is a good way to grow your email database.

This is an example of a Sleeknote popup on

skisport - slidein example

What is your favorite Sleeknote function or option?

The overall features are all great, but especially the timing option is cool. It’s nice that you can time your boxes to certain times.

What advice would you give me, if I were to try Sleeknote?

I would definitely tell you to just test everything off. Don’t think, that just because the result was good after one attempt, that it can’t be improved. You can use the statistic feature to measure your results.

How has your cooperation with Sleeknote been?

I have participated in one of Sleeknote’s webinars, which was excellent – and everything run’s smooth as it should. Nothing negative to say.

Ready to give Sleeknote a try?

The one thing that has helped the most, is the integration of Sleeknote with MailChimp. Today uses Sleeknote to collect leads, and to make visitors aware of their different services. Do you also want to collect leads and make your visitors aware of the different services on your website?

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